Core Concepts

Abstract Syntax Tree #

The way analysed source code is represented in the static analyser so that it can be queried for useful information. Learn more »

Scope #

The Scope object can be used to get more information about the code, like types of variables, or current file and namespace. Learn more »

Type System #

PHPStan’s type system is a collection of classes implementing the common PHPStan\Type\Type interface to inform the analyser about relationships between types, and their behaviour. Learn more »

Trinary Logic #

Many methods in PHPStan do not return a two-state boolean, but a three-state PHPStan\TrinaryLogic object. Learn more »

Reflection #

PHPStan has its own reflection layer for asking about functions, classes, properties, methods, and constants. Learn more »

Dependency Injection & Configuration #

Dependency injection controls the way how extension objects are constructed for usage by PHPStan. Learn more »

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