Error Formatters

PHPStan outputs errors via so-called error formatters. See the list of built-in error formatters.

You can implement your own format by implementing the PHPStan\Command\ErrorFormatter\ErrorFormatter interface in a new class and add it to the configuration.

This is how the ErrorFormatter interface looks like:

namespace PHPStan\Command\ErrorFormatter;

interface ErrorFormatter

* Formats the errors and outputs them to the console.
* @param \PHPStan\Command\AnalysisResult $analysisResult
* @param \PHPStan\Command\Output $style
* @return int Error code.

public function formatErrors(
\PHPStan\Command\AnalysisResult $analysisResult,
\PHPStan\Command\Output $output
): int;


Before you can start using your custom error formatter, you have to register it in the configuration file:

class: App\PHPStan\AwesomeErrorFormatter

Use the name part after errorFormatter. as the CLI option value:

vendor/bin/phpstan analyse -c phpstan.neon \
-l 4 \
--error-format awesome \
src tests

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