PHPStan needs a working autoloader to access reflection of the analysed classes. It uses Composer autoloader in the project by looking at vendor/autoload.php from the current working directory. Use the autoload/autoload-dev sections in composer.json to configure the autoloader.

If PHPStan complains about some non-existent classes [1] and you’re sure the classes exist in the codebase and you don’t want to use Composer autoloader, you can specify directories to scan and concrete files to include using autoload_directories and autoload_files parameters in the configuration file.

autoload_directories is for discovering classes, interfaces, and traits, autoload_files is used for loading function definitions.

		- build
		- generated/routes/GeneratedRouteList.php

Relative paths in the autoload_directories and autoload_files keys are resolved based on the directory of the config file is in.

You can also use a custom autoloader.

Constants #

PHPStan doesn’t automatically know about global constants in the analysed project. You need to provide them by defining all of them in a single place and let PHPStan autoload this file.

Create a file constants.php with this content:

define('MY_CONSTANT', 1);
define('MY_OTHER_CONSTANT', 2);

And put it into the autoload_files key in the configuration file:

		- constants.php

  1. This manifests are “Class not found” message in the PHPStan’s output, even when analysing the file the class is in. ↩︎

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