Ignoring Errors

You might want to ignore some errors found by PHPStan for various reasons:

  • The error can be a real issue that needs some refactoring of your codebase which you currently don’t have time for.
  • A PHPStan extension must be written to make PHPStan understand what the affected code really does and you choose not to do it right now.
  • It’s a genuine PHPStan bug and you don’t want to (and shouldn’t) wait for a bugfix.

Ignoring in code using PHPDocs #

Available in PHPStan 0.12.19

Errors can be ignored next to the violating line of code using PHPDoc tags in comments:

  • @phpstan-ignore-line
  • @phpstan-ignore-next-line

All the PHP comment styles (//, /* */, /** */) can be used.

function () {
/** @phpstan-ignore-next-line */
echo $foo;

echo $foo; /** @phpstan-ignore-line */

/* @phpstan-ignore-next-line */
echo $foo;

echo $foo; /* @phpstan-ignore-line */

// @phpstan-ignore-next-line
echo $foo;

echo $foo; // @phpstan-ignore-line

Ignoring in configuration file #

Errors can be ignored by adding a regular expression to the configuration file under the ignoreErrors key. To ignore an error by a regular expression in the whole project, add a string entry:

- '#Call to an undefined method [a-zA-Z0-9\\_]+::doFoo\(\)#'
- '#Call to an undefined method [a-zA-Z0-9\\_]+::doBar\(\)#'

To ignore errors by a regular expression only in a specific file, add an entry with message and path or paths keys. Wildcard patterns compatible with the PHP fnmatch() are also supported. You can specify how many times the error is expected by using count (optional, applies only to path, not paths).

message: '#Access to an undefined property [a-zA-Z0-9\\_]+::\$foo#'
path: some/dir/SomeFile.php
message: '#Call to an undefined method [a-zA-Z0-9\\_]+::doFoo\(\)#'
path: other/dir/DifferentFile.php
count: 2 # optional
message: '#Call to an undefined method [a-zA-Z0-9\\_]+::doBar\(\)#'
- some/dir/*
- other/dir/*
- '#Other error to ignore everywhere#'

Relative paths in the path and paths keys are resolved based on the directory of the config file is in. So if your phpstan.neon is in the root directory of the project, and you want to ignore an error in src/Foo/Bar.php, your path key can simply be src/Foo/Bar.php.

The Baseline #

If you want to ignore all the current errors and only focus on new and changed code from now on, go and learn about the baseline feature.

Reporting unused ignores #

If some of the ignored errors (both from configuration and PHPDocs) do not occur in the result anymore, PHPStan will let you know and you will have to remove the pattern from the configuration. You can turn off this behaviour by setting reportUnmatchedIgnoredErrors to false in the configuration:

reportUnmatchedIgnoredErrors: false

Excluding whole files #

If your codebase contains some files that are broken on purpose (e. g. to test behaviour of your application on files with invalid PHP code), you can exclude them using the excludes_analyse key. Each entry is used as a pattern for the fnmatch() function.

- tests/*/data/*

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